Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Want to get stronger, fitter, and leaner?
Want to get better at your sport or recreational activity?
Or even just want to feel more relaxed, happy, and healthy?

What you need is excellent coaching, support, and a proven process that has helped transform thousands. If you are ready to take your training to the next level, I can work with you to ensure that all of your hard work is actually gaining traction and bringing you the results you want.

I am included in the 1% of trainers that have an MS in Exercise science. I’m not going to waste your time or mine with gimicks and false quick fixes. I specialize in efficient programming focused on building strength and based on science and years of experience.

Learn the best techniques specific to your current goal and fitness level. We provide individual, group training as well as online and combined programming. will design an effective program for you – whether you workout everyday or a couple of times a week. We will create a schedule and a plan that fits with your busy lifestyle. The personal attention you will receive from your fitness coach will bring your fitness to the next level.

Fitness Business Consulting

Brian Wright has served as a consulting advisor to countless personal training departments, chiropractic offices and therapists offices over his 17 year career. Not only is he sought after nationally for content presentation and education in exercise science, but his breadth of experience and ability to simplify the seemingly complex in personal training business have allowed him the opportunity to help hundreds of health/fitness professionals across the nation with specific actionable plans.

He owned/managed 13 personal training studios in DC metro which included corporate contracts and leased space. He has held advisory and management positions with large physical therapy and chiropractic offices to help them build their personal training departments from zero to 20k/mo in a matter of months.

Upon selling his successful studio business, Brian now serves as a speaker on both the technical and business side of personal training, an online coach, and an advisor on PT department development.

  • Write organized plan - step by step guide with check in troubleshooting sessions (adjustments) - 149$
  • Partner with you to give/handle content (6 articles customized for your use with a distribution plan and the above action plan. - 389$
  • Bring me in as a consultant partner to build your program along side of you. I will write content, host trainings, book sessions, and walk both you and your members/patients through the process step by step. 2449 in month 1, then 20% gross revenue sha
    re in month 2 & 3. (3 month commitment required)

Courses and Workshops

Brian travels throughout the US to teach in 3 main topic areas:
  • Kettlebell skills and programming.
  • Strength and conditioning for the busy professional - minimalism approaches.
  • Fitness business marketing and business development.
Brian is lisensed to teach under the StrongFirst school of strength - developed by Pavel, Brett Jones, Gray Cook of the FMS, and many other major contributors. He serves among the select few of StrongFirst leadership.

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To schedule a course or workshop, contact Brian directly to set up your customized event.

Brian Wright

Brian Wright

Brian Wright