Strength and Conditioning Coaching

In our quest for strength, stamina, and optimal health, we need help and guidance from time to time.

We provide high level coaching, support, and a proven process that has helped transform thousands. If you are ready to take your training to the next level, I can work with you to ensure that all of your hard work is actually gaining traction and bringing you the results you want.

We provide online coaching, transformation programs, individualized program plans, small group training, and skill development packs.

Learn more about our strength programs. I am included in the 1% of trainers that have an MS in Exercise science. I’m not going to waste your time or mine with gimicks and false quick fixes. I specialize in efficient programming focused on building strength and based on science and years of experience.

Learn the best techniques specific to your current goal and fitness level. We provide individual, group training as well as online and combined programming. will design an effective program for you – whether you workout everyday or a couple of times a week. We will create a schedule and a plan that fits with your busy lifestyle. The personal attention you will receive from your fitness coach will bring your fitness to the next level.

Courses, Workshops, Seminars, and Clinics

Brian Wright MS Exercise Science, CSCS, StrongFirst Team Leader

Brian has presented CEU and educational workshops across the country. He presents regularly with the NSCA and StrongFirst. His other experiences include IDEA National Personal Training Conference, Perform Better, and Power-Systems Symposiums. He has served on faculty at American University in DC, and consulted at hundreds of gyms, Crossfit Boxes, and rehab clinics.

Workhorse Consulting was formed in 2016 primarily to fill the need for fitness and therapeutic professionals to acquire accurate, "from the field," science based training practices that yield results for clients and patients.

Although there are many ways to be successful in this industry, Brian is of the opinion that achieving more with less proves to be most appealing both because of time and finances. That is to say, helping people to improve faster will leave them happier with the results and due to the shorter time line, be more affordable for them in the long run. Of course happier members yield more referrals and greater business volume.

Brian's primary sessions are as follows:
  • Program minimalism for the busy person of today, and how the trainer's role fits. (Stronger, healthier, and with zero pain)
  • Body transformation programs for large groups using minimal programming and uncomplicated nutrition. How this business model generates rapid income and becomes a feeder for future programs.
  • The three movement corrections that solve 99% of all our problems-building resilient frames to withstand injury risk and stress.
  • Intro to Kettlebells and their proper use to achieve power lifting strength, gymnast mobility, and triathlete conditioning. When programmed correctly, one can achieve elements of all three pillars of fitness.

Most custom workshops are between 2-4 hours and can either be broken into a per person rate or a flat booking fee.

(For those looking to leverage a guest presenter into a revenue stream, Brian works on a flat fee with all member or non-member entries going directly to the host.)

We will also help with marketing on small levels with sharing best practices and assisting with social media posts centered around your geographic location.

Contact me now to set up your brainstorm call on how to bring a custom seminar to your facility.

Survival and Preparedness Consulting

After graduating from the Virginia Military Institute in 2001, Brian worked with hundreds of military and first responder service men and women through their job preparedness programs.

Brian's experience and understanding of the special requirements for these individuals is the foundation for his general preparedness consulting services.

If you are interested in auditing and improving your situation readiness with proper minimal equipment, base-level fitness, defense training, and family safety plans, you would benefit from a Workhorse Readiness Plan.

Services range from a basic individualized action plan and audit to a full guided coaching program, to include all elements of preparedness for the unknown-just as a high level responder might have to face.

Brian understands we are not all SF operators or service men/women in the line or danger. However, as responsible citizens, we can plan for the unknown with a simple and broad approach to prepping, building basic survival skills, homesteading, and training home defense and personal defense, and maintaining a general preparedness fitness.

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